Nalu Wind Utilities User Manual




Sep 17, 2019

Nalu wind-utils is a companion software library to Nalu-Wind — a generalized, unstructured, massively parallel, low-Mach flow solver for wind energy applications. As the name indicates, this software repository provides various meshing, pre- and post-processing utilities for use with the Nalu CFD code to aid setup and analysis of wind energy LES problems. This software is licensed under Apache License Version 2.0 open-source license.

The source code is hosted and all development is coordinated through the Github repository under the Exawind organization umbrella. The official documentation for all released and development versions are hosted on ReadTheDocs. Users are welcome to submit issues, bugs, or questions via the issues page. Users are also encouraged to contribute to the source code and documentation using pull requests using the normal Github fork and pull request workflow.

This documentation is divided into two parts:

User Manual

Directed towards end-users, this part provides detailed documentation regarding installation and usage of the various utilities available within this library. Here you will find a comprehensive listing of all available utilties, and information regarding their usage and current limitations that the users must be aware of.

Developer Manual

The developer guide is targeted towards users wishing to extend the functionality provided within this library. Here you will find details regarding the code structure, API supported by various classes, and links to source code documentation extracted using Doxygen.


This software is developed by researchers at NREL and Sandia National Laboratories with funding from DOE’s Exascale Computing Project and DOE WETO Atmosphere to electrons (A2e) research initiative.

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